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Smart Strength

Optimise gym • Target progress

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One technology, two profit accelerators…

Cyclops Workout is the retrofit system for cable units, straps and bands – creating a connected experience for members and empowering operators with data-driven asset management tools.

Seamless FREE of charge app experience

Gamified goal-based insights track progression, engage & motivate members and create community.

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Smart asset management

Build your gym around your customers, based on usage patterns and member preferences.

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Run your business cost-effectively.


Achieve operational excellence.


Offer superior workout experience.


Stimulate engagement and community.

Target progress

FREE of charge member app

No manual input

Say goodbye to manual workout logging. Our app seamlessly tracks your workout, eliminating the need for tedious data entry.

Advanced metrics

Metrics like time under tension, total force, and concentric vs eccentric movement are analysed against user goals. 


Stay motivated with real-time feedback and progress tracking, inspiring you to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals.


Whether the goal is tone up, weight loss, stamina or strength, progressive results inform an engaging, gamified in-app experience. 

Optimise gym

Asset management

Data-driven purchasing

Make informed, cost-effective decisions. Only buy the equipment you need, and make room for more of what members want.

Operational efficiency

Improve overall gym management by reducing queuing for popular equipment, and managing staffing levels based on activity.

Streamlined maintenance

With performance reports and malfunction alerts you can resolve issues fast, reducing downtime and enhancing member experiences.

Optimised gym floor

Improve member experience by strategically placing equipment based on usage patterns and user preferences.

The cost of not integrating management software into your gym equipment

Inaccurate Valuation

  • Risk of undervaluing or overvaluing assets, leading to poor investment decisions.tter decision makingustomer retention

Operational Savings

  • Higher labor expenses, frequent equipment failures, and increased downtime.

Decision Making

  • Inefficient gym layout, poor equipment choices, and lost strategic opportunities.

Customer Retention

  • Decreased member satisfaction, leading to higher churn rates and reduced revenue.

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